Lucille Broadbent Award for Artistic Achievement

A very special night for Beth and me. Mayor-elect Jim Watson presented me with the Lucille Broadbent Award for Artistic Achievement at the 2nd Annual Ottawa Art Expo. Jim said some very kind and generous things about me in his introduction. The fact that we have known each other for quite some time made it very personal.

As I stood at the podium to thank Jim and the organizers of the Expo, I looked out over the audience and realized that for the most part, half the audience were people I’d known for over forty years. Then there was my daughter, Kirsten, my surrogate daughter, Wendy and her husband, Dave, and, of course, Beth. A great swell of emotion hit me and I had to pull myself together to finish my remarks. It was Beth’s diligent efforts that brought all these friends out. They all said they wanted to share this wonderful event with us. I think only about five invitees couldn’t make it. One of our guests brought me roses. Lots of congratulatory emails rolled in and are still coming.

David Johnston a freelancer from Kanata EMC interviewed and photographed me and his resulting article was excellent. The Kanata Kourier-Standard also did an article which included an image of one of my oil paintings. Coverage like this is worth so much.

Sales at the show were good and I have been enjoying brisk sales since. Ottawa Art Expo is an exhibition and sale for artists run by artists and it shows. I love the eight feet high Modu-Loc fencing that is used to display one’s work. This year black draping for the display grids and lighting were added for everyone. There is a real effort to present a uniform look. Only original art is allowed. Not even cards are permitted.

Next year, the plan is to have name signs for all artists’ booths. The Gala for the awards evening is very well done with wine and hors d’oeuvres for all. Some of those who couldn’t make it on Friday for the Gala came on Saturday and Sunday.

Our neighbor helped us load the car and set up our booth. More friends helped us dismantle the booth at the end and load the car. They even helped unload the car and bring everything back into the house. They made it so much easier for us and we are very grateful for their assistance. So, tired, but not as tired as we might have been, a fantastic event came to an end.

Enjoy the photos, and also check out the articles below.

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