Lucille Broadbent Award

October 28, 2010 – Kanata Kourier-Standard – page 15

Mlacak to receive Lucille Broadbent award at art expo

Première neige, arrière-cour

One of John Mlacak’s works, "Première neige, arrière-cour" shows backyards around the Spadina area of Chinatown in Toronto

John Mlacak is to be awarded the Lucille Broadbent Artistic Achievement Award from the Board of Ottawa Art Expo on Friday, Oct. 29.

“I think it’s great,” said Mlacak. “I’m certainly honoured to receive something like that. It’s a recognition of a lot of things I do. I know people appreciate my participation in their events.”

Mlacak has been a pillar in the Kanata community for years.

Mlacak and his wife Beth moved to the area in 1965 and he got involved with local municipal and regional politics as Councillor and then as Reeve of March Township (now the community of Kanata).

Mlacak, who primarily paints with oils, participates in numerous art groups and exhibitions.

“This is certainly an honour,” he said about the award.

“Particularly from a good part of the artistic community,” said Mlacak.

The Lucille Broadbent Award is to commemorate the lifelong support to the arts given by the late Lucille Broadbent.

It’s presented to an individual or organization that has made a significant contribution to Canada’s and Ottawa’s artistic community.

“From the Kanata point of view, Lucille lived on Beaverbrook Lane,” said Beth. “Lucille was the first French teacher at Stephen Leacock Public School. They had a connection
with Kanata as well as the artist that’s receiving it, namely John.”

Mlacak is a founding member of the Kanata Civic Art Gallery, which is located at the John G. Mlacak Centre on Campeau Drive.

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